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BeWater Receives Investment Led by OKX Ventures


BeWater, a remote Web3 venture studio, raised an investment of undisclosed amount led by OKX Ventures.

Led by CEO BeWater is a Web3 venture studio that facilitates the development of open-innovation campaigns and events, including hackathons.

The studio, which is focused on supporting early-stage startups and nurturing the Web3 product ecosystem, recently achieved success with the ‘ABCDE BTC Hacker Camp’ held in November 2023. During this event, seven BTC ecosystem projects received funding within just ten days of immersive bootcamps and BTC workshops. With over 100 campaigns already underway, BeWater boasts a diverse range of coding languages, including Solidity, Rebase and Move, coupled with various Layer 1 chains and toolkits such as Starknet, Bitcoin and Polkadot.

The platform has attracted a meanigful talent pool, with over 25,000 GitHub-certified developers from more than 50 countries.