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Thorne Healthtech Launches Innovation Arm Thorne Ventures


Thorne HealthTech, a NYC-based parent company of Thorne, a leader in developing personalized approaches to health and wellness, launched Thorne Ventures to advance the company’s focus on innovation and science-backed wellness breakthroughs.

Led by legacy Thorne CEO Paul Jacobson, Thorne Ventures focuses on identifying the next generation of products and services that will advance scientific wellness. Thorne-owned Drawbridge Health and other technologies will operate inside the arm in order to leverage science-backed technology and ideas that can revolutionize how individuals take a proactive and actionable approach to improve and maintain their health over a lifetime. 

Thorne – Thorne’s personalized supplement and testing unit – leverages clinical science, biometric testing, and multi-omics data to create nutritional products for consumers, health professionals and corporations. Healthcare industry and consumer products veteran Colin Watts will serve as Thorne’s new Chief Executive Officer. Tom McKenna, who has been with the company for 14 years, will continue serving in his leadership role as Chief Operating Officer for Thorne. 

Thorne and Thorne Ventures will operate as two separate units that will have a high degree of collaboration. 

Thorne HealthTech – comprised of Thorne and Thorne Ventures – is a science-driven wellness company that is driven by data and rooted in scientific rigor to deliver personalized approaches to health and wellness. Its manufacturing facility is based in Summerville, SC, and is a supplement manufacturer that collaborates with Mayo Clinic on health and wellness research and content. It is used by more than five million customers, 47,000+ health-care professionals, professional athletes, more than 100 professional sports teams, and multiple U.S. National Teams.