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Consello Group Launches Strive

The Consello Group

The Consello Group, a NYC-based global advisory and investing firm, announced the launch of Consello Strive, a global business focused on the convergence of sports, entertainment and leadership development – all on one single platform.

Consello Strive will operate in four specific areas: Advisory, Investing, Content/IP and Leadership Development.           

The new program will seek to empower those investing in or commercializing assets in the sports, media, and entertainment arena to maximize their business potential and create the highest sustainable value. Consello will advise on how best to evolve investments, businesses, leagues, teams, or brand strategy across technology, infrastructure, commercial partnerships and acquisitions, among other disciplines.                                 

Consello Group co-founder, and seven-time Super Bowl champion, Tom Brady, will be joined as a founding partner in this new division by 23-time Grand Slam champion, Serena Williams, and two-time NBA champion, six-time NBA All-Star and NBA Basketball Hall of Famer, Pau Gasol. Mr. Gasol will also lead a team focused on expanding Consello Strive’s interests throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Consello Strive will be chaired by Mark Dowley, Chief Operating Partner at Redbird Capital, who has over 30 years of senior managerial experience in the sports and entertainment industries.             

Other founding partners in the new enterprise are:               

  • Declan Kelly
  • Janey Whiteside                                         
  • Peter Mattoon
  • Dr. Oscar Salazar
  • Mindy Grossman                           

Over the course of the coming weeks, Consello will announce a number of commercial partnership agreements with third-party industry participants and individuals as part of its rollout of Consello Strive around the world.                

The Consello Group is a financial services advisory and strategic investing platform. It invests capital to grow companies, executes for banking clients across industries, and provides business development and marketing services to help companies grow and evolve. They also advise across sports, entertainment and leadership development, and digital assets advisory business helps companies participate in the global digital financial services ecosystem.

Consello offers these six distinct but integrated lines of businesses all on one platform: Sports, Entertainment and Leadership Development; M&A Advisory and Investment Banking; Investing; Growth and Business Development; Marketing and Brand Advisory; and Digital Assets Advisory.

Launched less than two years ago and already has more than 100 employees and advisors, the firm has offices in New York, London, Miami, Barcelona and Atlanta.