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Chakra Growth Fund Launches and Completes First Close in December 2023

Chakra Growth Fund

Chakra Growth Fund, a Saratoga, CA-based dedicated financial instrument investing in companies with clean energy technologies and solutions, and sustainability initiatives, has launched and held its first close in December 2023.

Led by Sri Purisai, Founder and Managing Director, Chakra Fund is a global micro-fund focusing on and investing in growth-stage technology enterprises to disrupt most impactful verticals globally (Clean energy, electrification, and mobility).

The vehicle will strategically invest in projects and companies focused on decarbonization, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices. It will actively seek opportunities on a global scale, collaborating with innovative enterprises, research institutions, and startups that share a commitment to decarbonization. It will allocate resources across various sectors, including but not limited to energy, transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing. To this end, the fund will forge partnerships with key stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, and industry leaders, to create a collaborative ecosystem that fosters sustainable development.

By providing financial support and strategic guidance, the fund aims to catalyze the development and implementation of solutions that will contribute to a sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

Managing Partners of the firm include Mark Joseph and Saiesh Reddy.

The website lists ambee, Supplynote, Zypp Electric, and altergo as investee companies.