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SparkLabs Cultiv8 Opens Applications for 2024 Cleantech Accelerator

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SparkLabs Cultiv8, an Orange, New South Wales, Australia-based Agri-Food Tech accelerator, has opened applications for its sixth agri-food tech accelerator.

Following the first program this year, SparkLabs Cultiv8 will focus again on cleantech agri-food companies in 2024. Co-founded by partners Partner Malcolm, and Jonathon Quigley, the program will consist of 10 companies ranging from early-stage founders to growth / commercialisation companies. Companies access a global network of mentors and experts as well as local customers, from farmers to supply chain participants to consumer outlets.

The GATE, located at the NSW DPI Orange Agricultural Institute, is home for the accelerator program’s Week Zero kickoff and Showcase finale.

Companies from anywhere in the world can apply to join the program at https://www.sparklabscultiv8.com/apply.