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Mobilion Ventures Appoints Dr. Anat Bonstein As Partner

Dr. Anat Bonstein (credit: Mobilion Ventures)
Dr. Anat Bonstein (credit: Mobilion Ventures)

Mobilion Ventures, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based venture capital firm investing in early-stage startups in the field of Smart Mobility, Energy and Sustainability, appointed Dr. Anat Bonstein as a partner.

She joined Avi Feldman (CEO), as well as Idan Katz, Eyal Zbeda and Gael Escribe.

Dr. Bonstein served as the director of the National Program for Smart Transportation and Fuel Alternatives in the Prime Minister’s Office, and as part of her role, she developed a network of strategic connections with global mobility players and led to the establishment of development centers in Israel for several global automobile companies. Dr. Bonstein also coordinated the activities of 11 government ministries and supported about 50 ventures and pilots. In addition, she served as the chairwomen of the steering committee of EcoMotion, Israel’s leading community of Israeli entrepreneurs in the field of Smart Mobility.

In her last position, Dr. Bonstein served as Vice President of Business Development at City Transformer, a startup that developed an innovative vehicle for smart urban mobility and promoted collaborations with multinational companies in the automotive field. She chaired the annual global Smart Mobility Summit, which is Israel’s flagship conference for promoting international discourse in the field The smart transportation also led the founding team of the Israeli Academic Center for Smart Mobility. 

Today, Dr. Bonstein serves as director of the National Institute for Energy Storage, a member of the Israeli Leadership Forum and a lecturer in the CAAS mobility program within the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Anat holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in biochemistry from Tel Aviv University.

Mobilion Ventures is a global firm that invests in early-stage startups in the field of Smart Mobility with a special focus on innovative Sustainable Mobility solutions and Digital Services. The firm operates as a platform where it helps innovative technologies, services and products to accelerate their growth in the global markets through direct access to distribution channels and global suppliers. By directly accessing these distribution channels, Mobilion allows faster increase in revenues, helps the startup in product market fit with customers from the industry, reduces the risks involved in the investment and increases the value of the startup. 

The firm’s fund has so far invested in 11 companies with a total amount of about 20 million dollars and is currently raising its second fund of USD100m.