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Hyperlink Ventures Closes First Fund, at $32M

Hyperlink Ventures

Hyperlink Ventures, a Los Angeles, CA-based new venture capital firm, closed its first fund, at $32m.

Hyperlink is backed by a group of 20 limited partners consisting of former startup founders and family offices across the US and Israel.

Founded in 2023 managed by three up-and-coming partners, Eli Cole, Sarosh Adi, and Piran Adi, Hyperlink Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm investing primarily in software startups with a focus on the enterprise.

The new fund will invest primarily in Series A and Series B stage companies, with a core focus on technology breakthroughs that help the world’s largest corporations and industries increase productivity through software.

Hyperlink leverages its team’s technical expertise and accompanying customer and talent relationships to act as value-add partners with fast-moving founders.