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Motivate Venture Capital Launches $81M Fund II

Motivate Venture Capital

Motivate Venture Capital, a Chicago, IL-based venture capital firm, launched Motivate Ventures Fund II, an $81m vehicle anchored by two global Financial Services institutions.

Founded in 2019 by David Wieland and Lauren Deluca, the firm focuses on investments in North American pre-seed and seed-stage startups in B2B software and automation for legacy industries, including financial services, manufacturing, and insurance.

Motivate has already invested in over 20 companies out of Fund II, including:

  • Lazarus AI, which automates complex document processes for the healthcare, insurance, and defense industries,
  • ReloShare, which is creating an operating system for social service agencies,
  • Valiot, a provider of a factory optimization software to enhance manufacturing efficiency for companies like Heineken, Coca-Cola, and John Deere
  • Moove.ai, which leverages connected vehicle data to advance transportation safety and optimize fleet efficiency for insurers, governments, and auto manufacturers worldwide
  • Fin3, a digital payment instrument for banks and businesses
  • Jawnt, which has created a unified platform that simplifies access to transit systems worldwide, serving companies and their employees with seamless connectivity to transit benefits
  • Finofo, which is dedicated to mitigating FX risk for export organizations, helping them forecast and automate currency risk hedges and facilitate cross-border payments
  • Inca Digital, which delivers financial market surveillance software tailored for regulators, government agencies, exchanges, and investors.

The broader Motivate team, coming from firms such as FTV, Centana Growth Partners, Chicago Ventures, and Manifold Group, joined Motivate’s partners on their work with founders focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Manufacturing and Supply Chain SaaS, B2B Marketplaces, and Insurance technology.