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Innovestor Launches Co-Investment Fund


Innovestor, a Helsinki, Finland-based venture capital firm, launched a $30m co-investment fund in collaboration with Business Finland Venture Capital.

The fund will invest in early-stage startups alongside investor groups of angel investors.

Groups comprising at least three angel investors propose investments to the co-investment fund, managed by Innovestor, which then evaluates these proposals and selects suitable investments.

The initial investments range from €50,000 to €300,000. In the first investment round, the fund and the angel investor group invest the same amount of capital into the selected startup.

The investment strategy focuses on companies that promote green transition and sustainable development, deep tech companies, and research-based innovations originating from universities or research institutes.

Led by Wilhelm Lindholm, CEO, Innovestor is a investment firm focusing on venture capital and real estate. The firm currently manages four VC funds with total capital of over €250m. Consisting of almost 100 growth companies across multiple sectors of technology and life science & health, it represents one of the largest private venture-backed portfolios in the Nordics.

Innovestor’s co-investment fund invests in approximately a hundred seed-stage companies in Finland.

The partners of the fund are Hannu Jungman, Janne Juhola, and Petri Laine.