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AlphaLab Health Launches Fourth Cohort of Startups

AlphaLab Health, a Pittsburgh, PA-based joint program of Innovation Works (IW) and Allegheny Health Network (AHN) to accelerate the growth of healthcare and life sciences startups, announced the fourth cohort of companies to participate in the program.

Six companies were competitively selected to participate in a six-month program that will help them navigate key risk points in the clinical and commercial development of their early-stage companies.

The startups are tackling some of the most complex issues facing patients and clinicians today, including metastatic cancer, obesity, personalized medicine, opioid use, sustainable and improved medical devices for individuals with disabilities, and complications from diabetes.

The cohort companies are:

  • D. Sole (d-sole.com) – D.Sole is a smart insole that utilizes multimodal sensors for the early detection and monitoring of foot complications, such as ulcers, in diabetic patients with neuropathy. The technology provides clinicians with critical data to proactively prevent severe ulcers and amputations, while also providing personalized care to diabetic patients.
  • Ilant Health (ilanthealth.com) – Ilant Health is an obesity treatment company, focused on increasing access to obesity treatment while reducing the total cost of care for employers and payers. The company provides the single front door for individuals with obesity, delivering end-to-end evidence-based solutions (bariatric surgery, medication, intense behavioral therapy) through a technology-enabled and analytics-driven obesity medicine practice.
  • Magnify Bioscience (magnifybiosci.com)– Magnify Biosciences empowers its customers by removing the traditional barriers to high-end nanoscale imaging. Their innovative Tissue Magnification technology enhances customers’ microscopes to accelerate biological discovery, offering profound insights that catalyze breakthroughs in both fundamental research and clinical applications.
  • MetasTx (metastx.com) – MetasTx is developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics to treat and prevent metastatic cancer beginning with prostate cancer (PCa). The MetasTx platform is focused on PAK1, a target that has been demonstrated to be crucial for cancer cell initiation, proliferation, and metastasis. MetasTx is designing and developing novel chemicals to create a breakthrough, First-In-Class PAK1 inhibitor that will significantly improve patient survival and quality of life.
  • Resilient LifeScience (http://www.resilient.bio) – developing a wearable medical device to automatically detect and reverse an opioid overdose.
  • Testa-Seat (testa-seat.com) – Testa-Seat is revolutionizing the manufacturing process of products for individuals with disabilities to create life-changing custom products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Each company in the fourth cohort will receive up to $100,000 in pre-seed investment, wet and dry lab space, one-on-one and group education sessions, and access to clinicians, hospital executives and other experts who can help these emerging companies succeed through the early stages of development.