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Pioneer Launches Venture Group to Fight Against Rare Pediatric Brain Cancer

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Minneapolis, MN- and Denver, CO-based Pioneer Management Consulting launched Pioneer Ventures Group, a new investment arm focused on funding companies researching cures for a rare and lethal pediatric brain cancer, known medically as diffused intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPG) with H3K27 and EFGR variants.

The fund will eventually expand further into biotech and beyond.

The Pioneer Venture Group’s first investment is in OX2 Therapeutics (OX2), a leader in the world of immunotherapies. The company completed a trial for adults with high-grade glioblastomas (the equivalent of the pediatric version) at the University of Minnesota with a success rate promising enough to earn the right to start a pediatric trial. The pediatric trial will start in January 2024 at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. OX2 plans to treat and care for 12 to 18 children in the hopes of getting FDA approval to help many, many more.

The company is led by Jeff Liter, an experienced biotech executive, and his business partners, Michael Olin, PhD, and Chris Moertel, MD. Olin and Moertel are two leading DIPG researchers in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota.

Founded in 2009 by Brian Westerhaus, Pioneer Management Consulting specializes in guiding complex transformation projects for enterprises, with services spanning strategy, execution, organizational effectiveness, and data analytics.