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Bristlemouth Launches Accelerator Program for Emerging Ocean Technology

Hayden Henderson, a Bristlemouth Pioneer program participant representing Michigan Technological University works with Victor Sowa of Sofar Ocean at the Bristlemouth hands-on workshop.

Bristlemouth, a San Francisco, CA-based provider of an open standard delivering plug-and-play hardware interfaces for marine applications, launched its accelerator program, which supports entrepreneurs and startups to accelerate from concept to product through funding and mentorship guidance.

The accelerator is an extension of the Bristlemouth Pioneer program launched during World Oceans Week earlier this year. The 1-year accelerator program will provide access to mentors, developer workshops, hackathons, and an opportunity to receive funding and prize money. Bristlemouth is opening a call for investors and donors for the accelerator program. Builders Vision has already committed to matching contributions up to $150K.

Bristlemouth is a collaboration between strategic partners from across the public and private sectors: OceanKind, Office of Naval Research, Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, Builders Vision, Dalio Philanthropies, Aqualink, OceanDiscovery League, and Sofar Ocean.

Interested startups can submit their initial proposals by January 31, 2024 at bristlemouth.org/accelerator.