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URBAN-X by MINI Announces Startups of 2023 MINI Impact Program


Urban-X by MINI, a NYC-based provider of a platform for founders working in the field of the city life, announced the startups in its second annual MINI Impact Program.

Over the course of a 4-week intensive program, founders and their teams received bespoke guidance vital for idea and seed stage startups, including customer discovery, business roadmapping, pitching strategies, U.S. market entry, and more.

The program culminated in New York for in-person sessions with the URBAN-X team, featuring strategy discussions, pitch sessions, and invaluable networking opportunities.

The selected startups were:

  • Circleback: Based in Germany, it provides software and services to enable selective collection, circular recycling, or reuse of primary, sales, and e-commerce packaging.
  • Ecomilhas: Based in Brazil, it helps companies avoid CO2 emissions, giving employees cash back and gift cards when they choose greener transportation while commuting.
  • Eneryou: Based in Mexico, it offers online courses to educate and conscientize Latin-American companies about sustainable practices and the energy transition.
  • Gravity Wave: Based in Spain, it collects and recycles plastic waste from the oceans to make public furniture and raw materials.
  • Raiz: Based in Portugal, it designs and launches food growing hubs in city centers, supplying residents and restaurants with truly local products.
  • Regenize: Based in South Africa, it offers zero-waste solutions in the recycling and shopping spaces while prioritizing accessibility and inclusion.

This group of startups aims to make cities more sustainable, livable, and resilient by taking on a wide range of challenges – from waste reduction and recycling to sustainable transportation, education on sustainable practices, and local and eco-friendly food production.

The MINI Impact Program’s first cohort has achieved growth since participating in the program. Notably, Humfree, a Singaporean startup developing and designing rentable electric scooters, is preparing for its US debut through a pilot in New York. Based in Indonesia, Dulang, a startup enabling the circular economy in electronics, has entered into an MOU with an Australian enterprise to repurpose used electronics that otherwise end up in landfill. Fabbrick, a French startup turning textile waste into building materials and products, recycled over 10 tons of textiles this year. Wiseair, an Italian startup developing sensors and data reporting systems for local air quality management, recently partnered with the city of Camaiore in Italy to install and manage its sensors throughout the town.

Led by Sarah Schappert, Director, URBAN-X provides a platform for founders reimagining city life. Built by MINI in 2016, it partners with startups to build bold technology solutions for a sustainable planet. It also provides early stage entrepreneurs with support that accelerates growth and builds successful businesses for climate- and city-focused innovators. Core to its platform, URBAN-X allows engineering and design resources, a global network of investors, policymakers, corporate strategies and end-customers, and educational content for a global network of founders.