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Start-Up Nation Central Releases Summary of Israeli Tech Ecosystem

Israeli Tech Deli Delivers - NO MATTER WHAT: Investments Reach One Billion USD, M&A Activity Also Reaches One Billion USD, and Early Launch of Nvidia’s Israel-1 Supercomputer

Start-Up Nation Central, a non-profit that promotes the Israeli innovation ecosystem around the world, published a summary of the activity in the IL tech ecosystem since the October 7th Hamas attack.

Despite ongoing challenges, Israel’s tech ecosystem remains resilient and continues to present investment and M&A opportunities.

With 29 investment rounds totaling nearly $1 billion, the sector is holding strong. A notable investment is the $265m infusion for Next Insurance. The cybersecurity and health tech sectors are maintaining substantial activity, emphasizing the resilience and growth potential of these verticals. For example, Palo Alto Networks finalized two significant M&A deals, amounting to nearly USD $1 billion, for the acquisition of Talon Cyber Security and Dig Security for $625 million and $350 millionrespectively.

In addition to consistent deal flow, Israeli tech is also delivering leading-edge products and development. On November 21st, Nvidia announced that the Israel-1 supercomputer is operational two months ahead of schedule. It is scheduled to lead AI operations and advance local R&D initiatives.

Israel’s high-tech sector contributes 18% to the nation’s GDP, employing 14% of its workforce, generating 30% of income taxes, and driving 50% of exports. The sector’s productivity outperforms OECD peers, anchoring Israel’s growth in recent decades. Israel’s innovation is fueled by a network and collaborative ecosystem that integrates academia, research institutions, investors, multinational companies, and startups, to propel ground-breaking technologies. The dynamic interplay of universities, research institutions, and incubators facilitates entrepreneurial success, driving synergies and cross-sector collaborations. This interconnectedness fosters local opportunities and positions Israeli startups for global expansion, leveraging relationships with international corporations and investors. 

Led by CEO Avi Hasson, Start-Up Nation Central is a non-profit organization that connects Israeli innovation to the world to help international entities solve global challenges. They provide a platform that nurtures business growth and generates partnerships with corporations, governments, investors, and NGOs to strengthen Israel’s economy and society.  

Start-Up Nation Central in collaboration with Viola – Israel’s largest tech investment group, G-CMO Forum for global marketing professionals, and Atreo – a branding and marketing agency- have launched an international campaign emphasizing business continuity and the resilience of Israel’s tech sector. The campaign tagline is: “Israeli Tech Delivers #NoMatterWhat”.