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AI Incubator for Enterprise-Class Projects Launches

Dan Lesovodski
Dan Lesovodski, Head of AI Incubator in Sunnyvale, CA – Spearheading innovation by harnessing decades of collective wisdom in ML, LLM, NLP, Computer Vision, and Root Cause Analysis. Partnered with industry leaders like NVIDIA and Siemens, we’re crafting cutting-edge AI applications that deliver real business results in 4-5 months.

Sunnyvale, CA-based AI Incubator launched an initiative, aimed at assisting businesses in implementing AI-powered solutions for their daily challenges.

Leveraging the expertise of top industry experts from Siemens and NVIDIA Elite partners, the AI Incubator accelerates AI system development from months to weeks, while reducing their CAPEX/OPEX, and turning AI solutions into ROI generating engines.

Led by Dan Lesovodski, Head AI Incubator is now open to companies seeking to leverage AI to enhance their efficiency, profitability, and compliance. The program offers the support from more than a hundred world-class experts in machine learning, natural language processing, including Large Language Models (LLMs), computer vision, time series processing, and generative AI from Siemens and NVIDIA Elite partners. The examples of possible projects include using Computer Vision for defect and anomaly detection in manufacturing together with root cause analysis (RCA) methods for product quality control, equipment malfunction issues troubleshooting; real-time systems for predictive maintenance; training agricultural robots to distinguish crops from weeds; leveraging NLP and LLMs for knowledge extraction and delivering better customer service.

Applications for the Winter batch are open until December 1st 2023. All applications will be evaluated for feasibility and potential value of the projects for business upon completion. The AI Incubator’s team will select approximately 10 projects and assemble teams of engineers with domain expertise to complete them within 4 months.