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Solana Labs Launches Incubator Program

Solana Labs, the company that builds products and tools on the Solana blockchain, launched the Solana Incubator program.

The Solana Incubator will allow Solana Labs to build alongside top start-ups to advance the development of sustainable and impactful companies in Web3. The company also unveiled a new 25,000 square foot, 4-story community office space in Lower Manhattan.

The program is designed to attract technical teams who want to utilize the unique benefits of the Solana network while leveraging the immense body of knowledge, resources, and connections provided by Solana Labs. By providing startups a space to work closely with the experienced team at Solana Labs, the Solana Incubator aims to ease the engineering and go-to-market pain points that many founders face in Web3, and guide them as they navigate their way to a successful business.

Resources offered through the Solana Incubator program include hands-on engineering, go-to-market and fundraising support from Solana Labs. This includes feedback on user experience design, brand amplification through Solana Labs marketing channels, connections to the network of projects within Solana Labs, and guidance on integrations with the Solana blockchain.

Incubator participants are expected to benefit from connections to strategic partners inside and outside of the Solana ecosystem, including other Solana-based projects, potential customers, and prospective enterprise-level partners. Additionally, the program is designed to provide teams with exposure to top VCs in the Solana Labs network to help these start-ups enhance their liquidity.

The Solana Incubator program is designed for technical teams looking to leverage the expertise of Solana Labs, whether experienced Web3 teams or Web2 teams looking to engage blockchain technology for the first time.

Interested startups are encouraged to complete the application listed on the Solana Incubator website by the November 30 deadline. To learn more, visit incubator.solanalabs.com.