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Altius Bioventures Starts Fundraising for Fund I

Altius Bioventures, a Vancouver, BC, Canada-based venture capital firm, has launched a fundraising campaign for Altius Bioventures Fund I, targeting a total raise of US$20m, with an initial close of US$10m.

Altius Bioventures Fund I, in conjunction with its connected accelerator program, Altius Bioventures Racer, will focus on investing in and building early-stage companies aimed at delivering transformative technologies, tools and services related to advanced therapies manufacturing and supply chain solutions, with the objectives of expediting commercial scalability, lowering cost-of-goods, and broadening global access to these life-saving therapies.

All Altius Bioventures Fund I, portfolio companies will be part of the Altius Bioventures Racer, an accelerator program created to enable Altius’ leadership to provide active direction to involvement in the definition and execution of value catalysts for the Fund’s portfolio companies.

Altius Bioventures Fund I, together with Altius Bioventures Racer, will provide portfolio companies with more financial support, active value creation and access to an experienced global support network of experts, leaders and deal-makers. Each portfolio company in Altius Bioventures Fund I will be required to take part in a one-year intensive accelerator program tailored to leverage their unique potential.

The co-founding partners of Altius Bioventures are Emmanuel Grillot, Blair Jordan, Lee Buckler, Troels Jordansen, and Rakesh Verma.