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Ballistic Ventures To Raise $300M for New Fund

Ballistic Ventures

Ballistic Ventures, a San Mateo, CA-based venture capital firm dedicated to early-stage cybersecurity and cyber-related companies, is raising $300m for a new fund.

According to form filed with the SEC, Ballistic Ventures II, LP, has not raised any sum, yet.

The document names General Partners Jacob Seid, Theodore Schein, and Barmak Meftah as people related to the raise.

Ballistic Ventures is a venture capital firm solely focused on early-stage cybersecurity and cyber-related companies. The partners have spent their entire careers defending against every cyber threat conceivable. Members of the firm have founded, operated, or funded over 90 successful cybersecurity firms – including Abnormal Security, AlienVault, Arbitrum (Offchain Labs), ArcSight, Arkose Labs, Fortify, Interos, ISS, Mandiant and Shape Security – led over 10,000 security professionals globally, and have 40+ years of experience in venture capital. The portfolio includes Concentric AI, Nudge Security, Pangea, Talon Cyber Security and Veza.