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Link Ventures Appoints Boaz Fachler as Principal

Boaz Fachler, Link Ventur

Link Ventures, a Cambridge, MA-based early-stage venture capital firm focused on data science and AI, added Boaz Fachler to the investment team as Principal.

Boaz Fachler will manage investment out of the LV3 Fund, including vetting, due diligence, and execution.

Before joining Link, Fachler worked for a Boston-based growth equity firm and invested in early-stage startups as an angel investor. Formerly, he worked as a founder, business developer, and software analyst for startups. In addition, Fachler worked for Herzog as a high-tech M&A lawyer, representing startups and Fortune 100 companies such as Meta, Salesforce, and Tencent. He also served as an officer in a special forces IDF unit and holds an LL.B. and B.A. from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA from MIT.

Founded by Dave Blundin in 2006, Link Ventures invests in early-stage technology companies with proven potential in data science, machine learning, and AI. The firm has deep multi-sector expertise and access to some of the world’s most trusted data science experts and engineers. Across three funds, Link has amassed a portfolio of companies disrupting traditional industries and fueling the future for businesses and consumers.