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Bain Capital Ventures Launches Incubator and Community for AI Founders in Palo Alto

Bain Capital Ventures

Bain Capital Ventures, a multi-stage venture capital firm, has launched BCV Labs, an incubator and community for AI founders in Silicon Valley.

BCV Labs is an AI incubator and technical community in Palo Alto that helps founders builds generational companies. It provides financing that fits each founders’ needs, from small pre-seeds to larger, priced seed rounds, with any specific structure or amount, as well as access to space, talent, customers, compute credits and the global Bain Capital platform. 

They are looking for people from all backgrounds, from product to engineering to industry research to PhD programs and everything in between. While the team primarily invests in applications, infrastructure, commerce, and fintech, they’ve also worked with entrepreneurs in defense, climate, marketplaces, robotics and more. 

BCV Labs has already incubated (and invested in) three (undisclosed) teams building core LLM infrastructure, applications in security, and in analytics.

In details, BCV Labs offer compute credits with Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, OpenAI, Anthropic and NVIDIA, totaling around $1 million, access to an incubation space in Palo Alto, where they can build, connect with other founders, researchers and engineers, as well as meet customers. They also run monthly events in Palo Alto and San Francisco with small, curated groups to connect like-minded people to each other and have targeted conversations.

Founders incubating at BCV Labs get access to the global Bain Capital network of CTOs, engineering leaders and other technology buyers, its AI Advisory Board of senior product and engineering leaders in AI, and executive briefings across forward-thinking buyers in industry to get high quality, relevant feedback on their ideas.

Bain Capital Ventures invests across four core domains—fintech, application software, infrastructure, and commerce-tech. Leveraging the resources of Bain Capital, the firm deploys targeted support at every stage of the company-building journey. For over 20 years, BCV has helped launch and commercialize more than 400 companies including Attentive, Bloomreach, Clari, Docker, DocuSign, Flywire, LinkedIn, Mirakl, and Redis.

The firm has offices in Boston, NYC, San Francisco, and Palo Alto.