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Monta Vista Capital Launches $48M Seed Fund

Monta Vista Capital

Monta Vista Capital, a Mountain View, CA-based seed-stage venture capital firm focused on B2B startups, launched its third $48m fund.

The fund provides B2B company founders with access to capital, as well as agility and experience needed to deliver on their visions.

Founded by Venktesh Shukla, Monta Vista Capital does not raise money from institutional investors but instead taps a large network of individual investors who are highly successful professionals in Silicon Valley. This network serves as a resource for deal sourcing, diligence and support of the portfolio companies.

The firm invests typically at the riskiest pre-revenue stage with portfolio companies including Aviatrix (secure cloud networking), Cequence Security (API security), and Tekion (first end-to-end cloud-native automotive platform).

Monta Vista Capital has raised $72.8m across three funds.

Commenting on the launch, Roger Krakoff, general partner at Monta Vista Capital, said: “Indifferent to the fluctuations of economic tides, we have consistently adhered to our distinctive investment philosophy. We are not swayed by what is fashionable today. We look for companies with unique insights about solving a big problem. Anchored by a locally concentrated, high-caliber team, we deliver unparalleled support that transcends financial contribution.