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Joy Ventures Rebrands as Corundum Neuroscience; Launches New Venture Builder and Fund

Corundum Neuroscience

Herzliya, Israel-based Corundum Neuroscience, formerly known as Joy Ventures, announced the launch of its new neuroscience-focused venture builder and fund to spur neuroscience research and innovation.

Led by Liron Nunez Weissman, CEO, Josh Schulman, PhD, Chief Scientist, and Ruthi Aladjem, PhD, Chief Product Strategist, Corundum Neuroscience works with researchers and entrepreneurs with commercially applicable ideas to build and grow companies developing innovative solutions spanning a range of health and disease areas, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, sleep and neurodegenerative disorders.

Corundum Neuroscience’s lab-to-life model supports the entire innovation journey, from the earliest stages of research and concept, through commercialization to facilitate the long-term success and impact of its portfolio companies.

The Corundum Neuroscience team identifies research, enabling technologies and early-stage startups with high potential for commercial applicability and broad societal impact. The company understands the long development journey for neuroscience innovation, the so-called ‘Valley of Death’ for life-science startups between discovery and market launch. The firm’s team of researchers, academics and business leaders provides the support and guidance essential for companies to navigate this extensive period of innovation cycles and development required for targeted neuroscience-driven solutions.

The firm now operates under parent company Corundum Innovation, a Japanese investment firm providing comprehensive support through research funding, venture investment services and new business consulting. Corundum Neuroscience and sister fund Corundum Systems Biology created the Corundum Convergence Institute (CCI), a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to continue providing funding in the form of research grants in the fields of neuroscience, systems biology and AI-based scientific exploration.

The firm’s portfolio of companies includes:

  • Gray Matters Health, a digital self-neuromodulation therapies developer, 
  • Myndlift, a provider of therapist-guided neuro-feedback for home use,
  • NYX Technologies, a personalized sleep optimization developer.