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Deep Science Ventures Launches 2nd Venture Science Doctorate

Deep Science Ventures

Deep Science Ventures, a London, UK-based venture creator, has launched the second edition of its Venture Science Doctorate (VSD), a venture creation focused PhD program.

It lasts 3 years, and is a fully-funded PhD program in which candidates develop core technologies and scientific solutions, originating from targeted societal outcomes, for their own ventures. In addition to the whole VSD ecosystem, the program offers a living stipend as well as covers travel and research costs.

The program aims to train high-potential innovators from all backgrounds into high-impact science entrepreneurs, aiming to address the most pressing challenges in Climate, Agriculture, Computing and Health. It has garnered recognition and support from the global community, boosting key partnerships with King’s College London, CGIAR Bioversity, National Physical Laboratory, GlaxoSmithKline, FZ Julich and Digital Catapult, among others. 

Applications for the second cohort are now open.

Candidates directly target the most important questions in their sector, learning to design their own research projects from first-principles and launching companies based on this research, to deliver impact. On top of this, they meet and work with some of the world’s most forward-thinking supervisors, in an entrepreneurial environment made up of like-minded peers, partners, and investors.

In February 2023 VSD launched a global open call for its first cohort, which received 400+ applications. Four candidates were selected, a 1% acceptance rate. Now 4 weeks into the 3-year Venture Science Doctorate, the cohort has already delved into courses  including Scoping, Venture Science Finance and Complex Decision-making.

One such emerging talent is Lindsay Gorman. Formerly a Senior Fellow for Emerging Technologies at the German Marshall Fund and a senior adviser in the Biden White House, Gorman has notably steered US-China tech dynamics, specialising in areas like AI, 5G, and quantum information.

The VSD lasts 3-years, is fully-funded and sector-agnostic. The remote PhD is provided by Deep Science Ventures College at Woolf, a Global Higher Education Institution. Within ten years VSD will have scaled to train 1,000 science entrepreneurs per year.