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Big Idea Ventures Announces First New Protein Fund II Singapore Cohort

Big Idea Ventures, a global leader investing in alternative protein and food technology, announced its first investments in Singapore’s New Protein Fund II accelerator companies.

The bi-annual program is run from our 3 offices in New York, Paris and Singapore. Selected alternative protein and ingredient companies receive an investment package of US$200k and access to a network of partners and investors. Five early-stage startups were selected for pre-seed investment as part of Big Idea Ventures’ new protein accelerator program. These include:

  • Alcheme Bio (USA), which makes cultivated foods Delicious by Design™ by enabling early measurement of flavor through analytics, then bioengineering media supplements that influence cells to express their own flavor.
  • Another Food (Singapore), a plant cell culture startup that develops sustainable food made from plant cells, starting with coffee.
  • Biteback Biotechnology (Singapore), a biorefinery company creating a scalable, more sustainable alternative to palm oil. They are using yeast to transform agricultural waste into fatty acids in a low-cost fermentation technique. Their solution will have 86% fewer GHGs emissions, use 83% less water, and use 98% less land than palm while providing a comparable fatty acids profile at cost parity.
  • Fattastic Technologies (Singapore), which has a mission to unlock the full potential of plant-based oil with their exclusive oil structuring technology. Technology can turn vegetable oil into a solid or semisolid fat that is similar to animal fat in terms of properties. This fat has improved flavor and nutritional profile, making it a healthier and more sustainable alternative. The fat can be customized for a wide range of food applications such as alt. meat, alt. dairy, and bakery.
  • MarineXcell (Israel), an innovative impact startup working on mass production of cultivated shrimp, lobster and crab meat, using a proprietary and novel process involving nuclear reprogramming.

Backed by a network of strategic partners including AAK, Avril, Bühler, Givaudan, Temasek Holdings, and Tyson Ventures, Big Idea Ventures is an active investor in FoodTech, investing in the best food technology and agritech companies globally. With the New Protein Fund II, Big Idea Ventures invests in the best plant-based, cell-based and fermentation-enabled food, ingredient and technology companies

The firm has offices in New York, Paris and Singapore and has invested in more than 110 companies across 30 countries.