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Seraphim Space/Generation Space (USA) Accelerator launches Mission 12

Seraphim Space

Seraphim Space, known as Generation Space in the US, which runs a dedicated accelerator for startups in the global SpaceTech industry, announced the companies participating in Mission 12.

The global representation in Mission 12 reflects the growth of the space economy. The cohort members focus on areas including space-pharma, multi-modal propulsion, ESG and green finance. Participants include:  

  • Applied Atomics (UK), which has developed a modular assembly spacecraft capable of providing different on-orbit services for any satellite or space-based infrastructure. 
  • Aquascope (UK), which provides advanced freshwater intelligence to support and enable both businesses and governments with climate adaption, investment planning and pollution forecasting. 
  • BioOrbit (UK), which develops treatments to meet healthcare demands through the large-scale crystallisation of proteins, enabling a transition from intravenous (injecting into a vein) to subcutaneous (injecting under the skin) administration of cancer treatments. 
  • Optimal Cities (UK), providing a digital planning platform, integrating GeoAI and satellite intelligence that allows planners, real estate developers and authorities to save up to 80% of time dedicated to data analysis to help cities reach their socio-economic and environmental goals.
  • Four Point (Poland), reducing the environmental impact of opencast mines by merging geospatial data to generate real-time insights into ground conditions.
  • SkyFi (USA), which has developed a library of archival data as well as open and on-demand data that can task satellites to capture new imaging without the need for complex contracts or sales processes.
  • FreeFall Aerospace (USA), developing antenna technology for ground and space, including antennas that can be stowed and deployed with efficient beam steering, drastically reducing the mass, power, complexity, and costs of satellites.
  • Astrogate Labs (India), enabling high-speed communications for small satellites that can provide 20x bandwidth at a third of the cost. The proprietary laser communication system is designed to meet the harsh conditions for space applications. 
  • Kumi Analytics (Singapore), developing a platform to scale voluntary carbon offsets from project planning and development through long term monitoring and verification.
  • Transitry (Singapore), developing an AI and blockchain platform allowing for transparent and traceable data to drive capital commitments to demonstrate credible climate impact claims by first parties. 

The three-month program supports SpaceTech companies from inception to IPO, helping them to forge relationships with corporates and agencies operating in the space sector as they raise capital to commercialise their technology.

Working with 230 corporates, government agencies and over 500 investors worldwide, the Seraphin Space accelerator and Generation Space accelerator is focused on space technology, providing support, networks, resources to scale up and become investment-ready.

Since the conclusion of the previous 11 Missions, 91 alumni companies have raised $320M in investment.

Led by Rob Desborough, Managing Partner at Seraphim Space/Generation Space and CEO of the Accelerator, the program continues its relationship with key corporate parties and industry bodies, including ESA – as part of a multi-year partnership alongside ESA’s ScaleUp programme to help early-stage companies in Europe. Other partnerships include the UK’s National Security Strategic Investment Fund (NSSIF), UKSA, Airbus, Cobham, Dentons, DSTL, Cyient, and Satellite Applications Catapult, enabling the participating startups to engage with industry leaders and forge partnerships and contacts that have an impact on their growth.

The accelerator now has an established foothold in APAC with the firm announcing its presence in Singapore at SuperReturn Asia in September.