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Ducera Partners and Growth Science Ventures Launches Ducera Growth Ventures

Ducera Partners

Ducera Partners, a NYC-based investment bank, and Growth Science Ventures, a Lake Oswego, OR-based data science focused venture capital firm, launched Ducera Growth Ventures.

The new firm will focus on identifying, analyzing, and managing innovation-based venture capital investments in funds that include strategic corporate clients.

Led by Michael Kramer, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Ducera, and Thomas Thurston, Founder of Growth Science Ventures, and a Senior Advisor to Ducera, Ducera Growth Ventures invests growth capital on behalf of its strategic corporate clients in future market leaders and next-generation companies that have the potential to produce new customers for Ducera’s clients, reduce costs, and/or create new markets that are consistent with a client’s long-term vision. 

Led by Michael Kramer, Chief Executive Officer, Ducera Partners is an investment banking advisory practice with expertise in restructuring, strategic advisory, liability management, capital markets, wealth management, and growth capital. Since its founding in June 2015, it has advised on over $750 Billion in transactions across various industries. 

The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Stamford. 

Founded by Thomas Thurston, Growth Science Ventures utilizes data science to identify startups and counsels clients in connection with the development and launch of new products and services. For nearly 20 years, Growth Science has continued to evolve its proprietary analytics, capabilities, and AI infrastructure through research collaborations with more than 60 of multinational companies spanning more than 1,000 market segments.