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Viewpoint Ventures Closes Fund I, at $147M

Viewpoint Ventures

NYC-based Viewpoint Ventures announced the close of its Viewpoint Fund I, at $147M, and the launch of its Viewpoint Forward Network.

Viewpoint Fund I has a deeply thematic strategy, investing in companies that solve very specific challenges in insurance and related industries. Its portfolio is highly concentrated, backing a small number of companies that fit the fund’s underlying theses.

The Viewpoint Forward Network is designed to be a centralized hub to share innovations, illuminate market conditions and sentiment, and cultivate productive business partnerships. At launch, it has members from 70 insurance carriers, distribution organizations, and service providers. Several of the industry’s largest players are represented, including four of the top ten U.S. P&C carriers, five of the top ten largest global P&C brokerages, and five of the top ten annuity writers. The companies in the network manage approximately $2.9 trillion in assets.

Commenting on the launch, Drew Aldrich, Viewpoint’s Founder and Managing Partner, said: “The insurance industry has innovated and adopted technology at a dizzying pace over the last decade. And yet, industry players struggle through the noise to identify those very few impactful innovations, strategies, and startups that can meaningfully drive the future of their businesses. That’s where the Viewpoint Forward Network comes in. We designed it to be an impartial industry resource that intelligently connects the right players and highlights the vital trends and decisions facing firms.

Viewpoint Partner Ori Ben-Yishai added: “Trajectory-changing opportunities are often hard to find in the clutter of daily business decisions. By delivering synthesized data, research- backed insights, and introductions to the right startup founders, we allow our network’s partners to focus on the handful of powerful partnerships, acquisitions, or prioritization decisions that can shape their future.

While all network members receive services free of charge, investors in Viewpoint Ventures’ $147 million Fund I receive customized services structured around their strategic priorities.