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T-Mobile Ventures Launches Second Investment Fund

T-Mobile Ventures

T-Mobile Ventures is launching a second investment fund to support the growth of innovative products and services that bring consumers and business customers deeper connections to their world.

T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS)’s second corporate venture capital fund will back mid- and growth-stage companies building next generation products and services for consumers and businesses that align with T-Mobile’s strategic business growth areas.

The fund will directly support T-Mobile’s strategic business growth areas via the following four objectives:

  • Augment T-Mobile’s core consumer products and services. This includes products and services that simplify and enhance customers’ daily lives, such as smart home products, connected wearables that improve mental health and well-being, and mobile apps that enable personalized experiences for sports and entertainment.
  • Expand T-Mobile’s set of business services and capabilities. This includes products and services that accelerate digital transformation and leverage data and insights, such as intelligent edge computing services for computer vision to monitor factory equipment or traffic patterns in a retail store, connected vehicle navigation technologies, cybersecurity platforms, and distributed workforce applications.
  • Accelerate expansion for new lines of business, such as T-Mobile Home Internet, T-Mobile Money, and T-Mobile Advertising Solutions.
  • Support T-Mobile’s network and technology roadmap in areas of future growth potential. This includes areas such as AI, XR and spatial computing, and smart mobility.

By being part of T-Mobile Ventures, portfolio companies can benefit from T-Mobile’s network and engineering expertise, go-to-market infrastructure, and investment backing as they work to develop, test and launch this next generation of products and services.

T-Mobile Ventures works with corporate venture capital firm Touchdown Ventures to help manage the fund.