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Piva Capital Enhances Investment Team with Claire Yun and Jillian Noel

Piva Capital, a San Francisco, CA-venture capital firm backing emerging technology companies transforming industry, expanded its investment team by adding two investors, Claire Yun and Jillian Noel.

Claire Yun

The two investors have already proven their capabilities as Piva Capital Summer Associates in 2022 and are expected to bring valuable insights and expertise to the firm.

Claire Yun, originally from Austin, Texas, obtained her undergraduate degree from The University of Texas and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford, where she was a member of Stanford Climate Ventures and the GSB Impact Fund. Before joining Piva, Yun helped launch business development and strategy at Noon Energy, a long-duration energy storage startup. Previously, she was the Director of Business and Corporate Development at Vox Media, where Yun worked with the executive team to lead M&A and growth strategy efforts. Yun began her career in M&A investment banking at J.P. Morgan. 

Jillian Noel

Jillian Noel, a native of Victoria, British Columbia, earned her undergraduate degree from McGill University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Noel joined Piva from General Fusion, where she was working to build the commercialization roadmap for fusion energy. She led strategic projects across business operations, market development, and fundraising, with the goal of providing zero-carbon energy to the masses. Before General Fusion, Noel helped grow McKinsey & Company’s Sustainability Practice, serving clients on sustainability strategy, decarbonization pathways, and new energy markets.